June 2015~MeHello, is this thing on? 

So I've moved the entire website (only took me three months. what?) to another webhost and *hopefully* restored everything. Hopefully uninstalled VirtueMart and will go back to the drawing board to determine the best online shopping experience, knowing now that I can't afford a static IP at the moment, nor my own private SSL certificate. PayPal may be the interim solution.

The good news is, I've been managing to keep up with updating the business page I created over on Facebook/celtcards so if you're dying to see my latest, check it out over there. The bad news is, it seems to take me forever to make time to work on *this* site. I was actually up until 4am this morning and had to give up because (1) I was getting a migraine and (2) I was simply banging my head against the wall. For hours.

Anyway, feedback is welcome as always. Make yourself comfy. Hot cocoa, tea, lemonade, and water are all available in the kitchen. Just remember, the beanbag chair is mine! :)