So I'm totally going to plagiarize from myself and use some content I'd written for a friend's blog. No point in reinventing the wheel, plus I wrote it, so it's not actual plagiarism. Try saying *that* three times quickly! So off we go:

Lessons Learned


Thought I should share what I’ve learned from my recent experimentations.

1. While you can kinda use an embossing/heat gun to dry clear school glue, you *will* MELT your sequins.

Oops, melty sequins!

2. Iridescent embossing powder does not work well on dark blue (a snowflake idea). Not with clear embossing ink (large snowflake, upper left), and not with a subtle colored ink (e.g. Tim Holtz Distress Ink Antique Linen, small snowflake in lower right)

Iridescent on blue. Not so much.

3. Embossing powder on embossing powder doesn’t work too well either (gold on silver, red on pink sparkle)

Stampin’ Up! Stippled Blossoms – embossed style! Gold on silver. Red on pink sparkles