So life-bleeding-over-into-business, a new medication I’m on is educating me on the joys of insomnia. I’m learning to give up staring at the ceiling, and will wander into my craft room somewhere between 11pm and 1am.

What do you do?

No really, I would love to hear everyone’s input! In the meantime, here’s my mindless tasks (some ideas stolen from Saskya) when I’m too exhausted to find inspiration to create cards.

1. I’ll cut 5 1/4 x 4 cardstock so that I have a nice stack ready to pull from after I’m rested up.

2. I’ll cut/score/fold base cardstock.

Look at all those pretty colors!

3. I’ll organize my craft space (so far I’ve built boxes to hold my ink refills, created a box with divider for mini glitter bottles, taken a Stampin’ Up! wood-mounted stamp holder and created dividers in which I’m storing my little finger sponge daubers, created a notebook of all my ink colors and all my stamps, crafted boxes to hold my ever growing stack of completed cards…)
All the cards! So unruly though. Ahh, organized. Much better Yes! Yes! Organize!

Let me know how you cope!