All the best intentions with none of the photography equipment or skills! Recently (26Nov) I'd posted on myFacebook Business Page "I fiddled around with a Christmas card (when an idea isn't 100% in my head, experimentation *will* happen!) so I have comparisons to make with glitters and embossings and crystal effects."

I had taken quite a few photos with my mobile phone and meant to straighten, crop, and post about them within a day or two.

*knock, knock*

 ...Who's there?


...Dece-- oh. Oh. Uh, HI, December!

I -will- share the photos only so you can see that the quality is not nearly as useful as an in-person viewing would be. Some of these cards have Crystal Effects over the trees, and afterwards I did a beautiful blue watercolor wash for the sky. Some have Dazzling Details as snow accents on the trees and on the 'ground'. But the best ones, well, the photos don't do them justice. My absolute favorites have Zig's Wink of Stella (soon to be carried by SU) clear glitter on the trees and over ALL white areas of the watercolor paper.

Without further ado (or commentary) - the pictures.

20151119 114744 trees trees

trees trees

 trees 20151119 114847 20151119 114850

20151119 114905 20151119 114909 20151119 114932 20151119 114936

I'll link this to my Facebook page where I would love to hear your feedback for taking better pictures- especially since the same item photographed first without and then with flash often looks like two completely separate products!